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Hello Gorgeous 


I live to help my clients achieve everyday looks that are polished and effortless. I believe having the right tools is the key for successful hair.

The thrill that I get from turning my guests around to see the joy on their faces and hear "I love my hair!!"  Nothing beats that! Seeing people leave happy and feel amazing about themselves is what fuels my passion for hair!

Let's get to know each other. When I'm not behind the chair. I'm a wife and mother of four children and two spoiled Bostons. We make up songs and sing to them. I love cooking, I am newly interested in decorating, and knitting is one of my favorite things to do. I love history and classics. A typical "down-night" for me consists of watching a period drama on Netflix with a large cup of “Sleepytime” tea.

I specialize in Color Correction and Dimensional Brunettes.  I think it is important for brunettes to keep their dimension with bright pops of honey 😉. Does this mean I'm not interested in Blondes? HECK NO!! Whether you want to be a Buttery or Icy Blonde, I'm here for you! 


I am a Board Certified Colorist. I am dedicated to my training and advanced education specializing in blonding.

This past year I have become certified in Bellami Extensions.  Its has been a journey in working with all the different methods to apply extensions.  I have been energized to learn and work with my guest and find custom looks.  I want to find methods that will help my guest with finer hair or hair that is thinning.  I am on the quest to find the right method that fits each person

You see a specialist for other areas in life so  doesn’t it make sense to see a specialist in hair as well??


I crave authentic connections with my guests.  I can't wait to help you reach your hair goals!

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